Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am a procrastinator when it comes to New Years Resolutions. Last year I suddenly realized what my biggest one ought to be in March. That is when I set up's facebook page. I promised myself last March when I set up this facebook page  I would pay attention to my fan base. I didn't quite know how I could convey this to facebook fans but here it is, almost a year later and the mytho-poetizing method appeared all on its own.

It happens I've been following to print a great new poetry book, "The Beauty Between Words," by Dennis Patrick Slattery and Chris Paris, Waterforest Press, publisher. The authors asked me more than a year ago if I would write the introduction to the book. I said yes. I saw the book when it was a manuscript. And, I saw it again this past November, 2010 as it went to press. WoW! It's stunning!  So, I found a reviewer for the book and this January I published a book review to Book Reviews.

But, just before this I mentioned the book on facebook. I noticed a certain fan seemed to really go after the page links that mentioned poetry books in particular. So I wrote to this fan to ask if she would like an autographed copy of this book. She would, she wrote back. And she wrote again recently to say how much she needed to lose herself to good poetry and that she'd set aside a half hour every day to enjoy the book of poetry. She doesn't know about my secret vow to pay attention to my facebook fanbase. (Of course, she does now...) And here am I, a procrastinator true to form, just getting around to telling you about it. Just in time, too. Procrastinators' New Years is January 15th. By these standards I'm actually a little ahead of things. So here's to Sandi, and all fans of on facebook; from the depth perspectives of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!