Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of the most popular poems published to has continued to increase in activity to the page over the summer. As a result I thought I would blog news of it and treat you to the page link. Enjoy!

Aphrodite Blues

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

When Truth Is A Dark Light Walking The Land

In the distance I can hear
the tree who is not me
turn over in light & shade
and the wind who is not me
speak in the light and in
the shade using rarified
juices that style its leaves

and in the crawling dusk
who is not the wind nor the
leaves nor the tree
something is speaking
loudest of all nobody, nobody
not even me

not even me
deeper than me, speaks

to the many who think they
hear too, my heart bleeding;
low branching shivers in a
hearted pause; a breeze—
light by extension, wholly

mixes greatness

with the big wide wonder
about to settle down
on the back of the crawling

dusk; I know I belong here
beyond this vision not even me
where even in my unbelonging
no, not even then, am I reachable

©2010 stephanie pope When Truth Is A Dark Light Walking the Land Matter & Beauty Poetry Series


1. “konx om pax”/wholy ghost/ music, improvisation and Koran

2. Perpetual Peace: Kants Political writings p107 konx ompax

3. “Truth” (alĂȘthei) as both the un-forgotten, ‘un’ eX-scaped AND
the ‘un’ concealed, wholly psyche (Jung, see in conspectu mortis)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogs I Love: Part One: The Crescent Moon Bear

a Japanese folktale retold by Catherine Svehla

wood block print "Woman Walking in the Snow" by Dorsey Potter Tyson

Once there was a young woman who lived in a fragrant pine forest at the base of a mountain. Her husband had been away at the wars for many years, and when she heard that he was coming home, she was overjoyed. She shopped and cleaned and cooked to prepare for his arrival. But when her husband reached the edge of the trees, he refused to come closer. He stayed outside.

So the young wife gathered up the bowls of food, put them on a tray, and shyly carried them out to him. She laid them all out beautifully. But her husband kicked the food over and yelled at her. "Go away," he roared...

And, now...
(As Paul Harvey says) the rest of the story