Monday, December 31, 2012

DAILY POEM Follow Your Schlange*

Movie Sketch
from the Travelling Sketchbook of
Andy Goldsworthy, environmental artist
"We often forget that WE ARE NATURE"

"The dream wants a dream" - Russell Lockhart,
Words As Eggs

near and far
is nesting

© 2012  stephanie pope “Follow Your Schlange”
     Monsters and Bugs, Selected Poems

first publication ©2012 A Hudson View Poetry Digest, Summer,2012,  Victoria Valentine Skyline Publications, WaterForest Press, New York, p. 41


*schlange- "snake" 

twaiku -a poetic form suitable for tweeting; micropoetry

Andy Goldsworthyessay-blog by Stuart Kendall -Andy Goldsworthy: An Aesthetics of Sustainable Living

Saturday, December 29, 2012


two doves in the rain on the branch of a ginko tree
1910 color woodblock print, private collection
Ohara Koson (1877-1945)

two doves close
on a treebranch sit

© 2012  stephanie pope, "TWAIKU-ing"


twaiku - a haiku posted on twitter;  poetic form in microblogging; micropoetry 

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hi Folks, went on line waaay back in 2001 on December 26th. December christmastide henceforth has been a great timeframe to clean house; out with the old and in with the new!  What does that mean? Well, so glad you asked that question!

Beginning in 2013, Mythopoetry Facebook, Mythopoetry Scholar eZine Facebook, all the posts and columns you love will  begin to appear regularly right here on Mythopoetics In Culture Blog. Yep! Time to exercise some google +.  I'm a little early but ready to spread some Santa cheer sooo enjoy! And we'll keep it comin' in 2013!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DAILY POEM Turning Sandy In The Desert of the Real

 Fabricating Altercations & Pinking Shears ( )

He stopped writing her when he fell in love with another; love is big fabric.She suffered a kind of falling out; this to its own space poetic silence shored in, spilt; rusting trust; lovers, eX-ed. Pink is the milkmaid’s drowned sunset, ragged the shoreline…

nothing carries the weight of such sheared stain. Where sunset split formless and sublunary“nesses” a wine-darkened, moon-lit emptiness everywhere and nowhere, does it not still?
In sheared space―( ), she cradles Acis…

a fluid, intricate evasion invasive in as-form― her private place
pink pitcher pitched parenthetically O…
will have embodied his image-remainder, poetic lovers parting

by external altercation ―( ). Her blood-milk waxes the infant slant through a woman within, without
and love divides in the interval called woman
pinking her lower down. She will always be two…

And as if she were another, a woman stoppered, Galatea opens through desire the unstoppered
disturbance within the same undead nature. And she tends it dearly. Space rains within, disturbed
and without, disturbed. This imparts a great swirl watering the living girl with the underground nature

love wets the dry… the sole… ensouls; a psyche’s psyche begets itself a second time, underground.
A frayed but unafraid soul ensouls because something big will have happened to someone’s looking
―within and around, from within and, without; from time into time.

A woman falls out of every girling pierced by night formations where the sun-eyed ate
Now psyche’s lover carries this very big pink disposition, beatitudes, each, outed
in... for which to
reposition dissed positions made after maiden milk poetizes love. Pink Psyche

is a match for that divinity…the formless, sublunary-sensed “nesses”
where gods work away & DIS
appear in the as-form within, without.

The sheared, pinking woman without will bi-focus perspective’s “space” within its own space
as if ‘woman’ falls back upon a landscape edging her edges saw-notched
in maiden gone-nesses, the god

appearing in the space of her having fallen… open…. The realm under her
is her. She is expecting… difference… perhaps, shaded in something even more ”pinked”; something
in the here-to-for unknown great expanse under renovation opening the darkness , something

sheared, under new management, having itself fallen open in the pinked space golder than gold
pinking sheers…. She is like a woman falling totally O; O as in a mariage blanc-ode
a bigger begetting in the trusted rust of lovers eX-ed starlit and ( ).

©2012 stephanie pope  Fabricating Altercations & Pinking Shears


Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Hubble Ultra Deep Field   ~Image courtesy
NASA, ESA and R. Thompson (Univ. Arizona)

horses grazing
in the warm June


how not to speak

not too
not two
speaking to
the as if

as if
it were also

not too


a wholly

in photons
that defy
photon to photon
hoof to mouth

the goblet,


spoon fed, be fed
a pablum of starzzzzz
lips and hands and
I'zzzzz, an instinct
touched by mana

in tender waking
our physical significance
and no more,
we are

light years
to come

©2012 O Wholly Night Or When In The Desert of the Real, See Across The Light Years stephaniepope


Main Entry:
light-year function: noun

etymology: light / from PIE *leuk- "light, brightness" (cf. Sanskrit rocate "shines;" Armenian lois "light," lusin "moon;" Greek leukos "bright, shining, white;" Latin lucere "to shine," lux "light," lucidus "clear;" Old Church Slavonic luci "light;" Lithuanian laukas "pale;" Welsh llug "gleam, glimmer;" Old Irish loche "lightning," luchair "brightness;" Hittite lukezi "is bright").

definition: A unit of length in interstellar astronomy equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum, or 5,878,000,000,000 miles.

A light-year, then, is not a unit of time, but a unit of distance that’s based on light having a speed limit.

"light years" as metaphoric of something: a metaphor for the limits of our knowledges and what they know and therefore the limits of  "knowing ourselves". 

the horse's fountain/ the poetic inspiration as a way of knowing that goes beyond the self-limitations of the sol consciousness; sublunary, intuited, poetizing language taking over gleaming brighter than sol/ the realm of dark matter/dark energy reflecting itself to consciousness

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Re-imagining  Unio Mundus Throughout PostModern Mythology: Using "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded"