Friday, January 15, 2016


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He trod on sacred ground, he cried loud into the crowd
(I'm a blackstar, I'm a blackstar, I'm not a gangstar)
I can't answer why (I'm a blackstar)
Just go with me (I'm not a filmstar)  -David Bowie, "Blackstar"

The fallen chaos hero’s
boon like a comet’s rise; a
short period, earth-crossing orbit
flux amass; the dark constemation
stardust riddled Ziggy lit
a secret phrase in the throes.

©2016 No Chaotic Obit stephaniepope
#ohj #mpy


1. A blackstar is both a type of cancer lesion and thought to be a transitional phase between a star and a singularity.  The mythic image as a poetic figure in literary forms personifies  death.

2. The song, “Blackstar” mentions “the villa of Ormen”. Ormen is a Norwegian word meaning serpent. The Villa of Ormen means the town of the serpent.

3. First usage of the word, constemation in literary narrative is by George Brennan, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois. Appearing in a 1926 article, Prohibition Law Injured Temperance Cause 
 in "The Montague Observer."  Brennan states,

The men who subscribed to the immortal document of 150 years ago were men of broad and liberal principles. Imagine the surprise of these men if they could return to our country today. Imagine what they would think and say when they saw the nation overrun by an army of spies paid by the government. Fancy their constemation when they were told that these spies had shot down citizens who had resented their intrusion and their officiousness. Picture their surprise if, gathering as they were accustomed to for a social hour, their meeting place would be invaded by these spies and they should be herded off to jails as lawbreakers.

For the entire newspaper article see the cached page accessed January, 2016

4. SEE “Blackstar”


Monday, January 4, 2016

Dionysus And Amethyst In January

A Wild Night, Dionysus!

cold January fire staining
dappled shades
an amethyst horizon
a linen robe

robbed, the moon
drunken, the rode

©2016 Forever Amethyst
Landscape & Psyche poetry series

written for twitter #MadVerse
1/4 no.551 notes 1.   Amethyst retold from the Greek myth of the origin of amethyst
Amethyst's origin resides with the god Dionysos (Roman, Bacchus), the god of wine, celebration, intoxication, joviality and indestructible life, and the goddess Diana (alchemy, La Luna).

Dionysos darkens when insulted by a mortal who refuses him honor. Enraged with anger Dionysos vows to unleash his fury upon mortals who do not partake in his gift of wine and drunkenness. He spies the young girl, Amethyst who does not yet know about wine and drunkenness. Amethystus means not drunken or intoxicated (methystos, from methyein means intoxicated, methy = wine.)

The unsuspecting Amethyst, on her way to pay hommage to Diana, is detained by the wrath of Dionysos who summons two fierce and voracious tigers to devour the poor maiden while he settles back with his wine to watch. Amethyst cries out to Diana. When Diana sees what is about to transpire she instantly acts, transforming the mortal girl into a pure and radiant white stone to protect her from the devastating Dionysian ripping apart about to take place. Suddenly moved with pity, Dionysos realizes the ruthlessness of his actions and begins to weep with sorrow. His tears drip into his wine goblet mixing with the wine. The god collapses under the weight of knowing such sorrow and the tear-tainted wine drenches the white stone coloring it, forever amethyst.

2. For more poetry using this mythic pattern see the poem, CopperWoman.

Friday, January 1, 2016


EROS and Psyche

      I beheld your features with my soul -Ovid, Heroides, 16-18

Up against a thin wall, the skin split
a skin hard in shell and worn subterranean
a pressed skin too terribly hard, a tight dress
in dressed-down flesh, remote and
recessed, a peri-flesh in paradise.

Once a home till wings are clipped
once a world, unbottled, bared

she still lives the place, broad-breasted
and in her being (in really being nowhere)
as if sex, like flesh, undressed
as if sex, like paint, were flesh
the first of the first lived
like the best in us, the worst and slid

the deep fissure in a way of being
out of chaos slide.

First came the chasm and then beauty
broad-breasted, ourea snowy
something dark and remote in recess
a great release, living force and passion
wet and willed to no purpose wing├ęd flew
and EROS, too, dissolver of flesh, withdrew.

Zero in EROS
disturb beyond reason
something living cupped like wet silver
living underneath
out of reach and rhyme, something
a little out of time

in composition, sex
so sublime the shapeless killing
in it, kills with love; what kills
splitting arms and legs a-part
a deep fissure, a way of being (submerged).

How it loosens! And, oh, how,
when nothing sees something and wonders
in draperies gilded red with eyes
the treasure lives low the vowel
in genos and the gene.

It brings to order its own order
a chaos genet, a living softness 
in dressed up flesh―down inside;
the best in us, the worst
painfully aware of the illness we are

the roundness of it

worn like a shell.

Zero In by stephanie pope
republished courtesy of

©2006 Zero In stephaniepope mythopoetry, first publication


1.  "I beheld your features with my soul."  for more of this passage see  [27] 

2. Full the full text of Ovid Heroides see the above link.