Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunrise, #2 RED

put a guy & a bible in a desert

and a Moses girl is bound to appear

it turns the event over

in something sexy; there is a kind of

magic in the red, worn out setting

outside floods the west wing

wall behind my solar

hills. See that

point of disappearance

see that blind spot of decreation

see that hero’s mound behind the

screened-in house of life― i

can’t see myself letting go here;

need the wing with the

making action in the soul of red

outsider girls draw blood

to that

i.e. enliven

bleeding and beating

in the death of a totem dye

a kind of magic

is red

a turning power is the bird

gathered in all those parts (except one)

brings life with humor

to life without

unheard is the little minute

in all (h)ours; don’t mistake this

for something


©2010 Sunrise, #2 RED
stephanie pope