Tuesday, June 14, 2011


laced or not, her shoes
words flow like swords making
new cuttings from old sounds
shoshannahs stream in soft
meadows releasing an ah-part
from a fresh source

& from Lily’s winter residence
sapling sounds flow again honey-sweet
as if voices of older men in the fen of
sixies repeat the sun pouring down
like honey the lily-worn

yet the traveler who fed them
did so in under sense and with
her own sense of matter
living the ah-part apart from
the material world; she
fed them and their old voices carried

& Lily’s men bring something hospitable here
but whether laced or not, their fen-sensing
is made lacey with age; sit down
listen to it thickening in greenery
the scenery around you a fen for U-R
gathered around you, the soul-making you are

©2011 A Fen Again stephanie pope mythopoetry.com
photoshop pencil sketch panorama, Lily In Fen ©2011