Monday, May 30, 2016


Our Daily Bread, Anders Zorn, 1886 watercolor National MuseumStockholm, Sweden, public domain. The artist painted his mother cooking.


Darkness bred a dark bread
abused by reason, the way our world is

left with vanishing gods; you don't suppose
this is how gods, too, are abused, left
the way they are with titans to overcome?

One thing about Mneme (at least in the Greek
poetic, experience of the divine) is
that rather significant, vertical role
they imagined she played, she a kind of edge
linking and separating irrevocably
divine & mortal hanging each immeasurably
aloof within our own dark memory

Some depth disfigurements right something,
write disfigurements into dark holes with the
blackening hole holding together in belonging
a spiraling train track “making us up” for real.
Such a crippled poetics rites one with a logos
beyond words, transfiguring & mortal in its
human incarnation; god’s body disappears
to remember this world train cars will fabricate
to trump up.

Once upon a time there was a timeless living
soul giving birth to light—such light seemed
seamlessly a word beyond words—creatrix.
Magic mused psyche-making before psyche
became a word made flesh. It still does.

Sometimes I can see through timeless, living
psyche-making and I, too, reimagine
how it keeps working opposite my own
zombie, my emptied-soul
utilitarian-eyed, cyclopian trump-train.

©2016 Give Us This Day: Our Daily Bread stephaniepope

1.  Regarding the trump-train/daily bread likeness as pun and what it imagines ( i.e. what it is pointing to) consider

a. a trump car is like  a trump card by which one is “taken” in
b. by way something trumped up.
c. Playing the car/card imaginally teaches one how not to a-void aka avoid the void by which one is duped. One can see it and see through it.  In one's psyche-making, one plays, too, not playing to not get played.

2. Watercolor by Anders Zorn, Our Daily Bread (1886), 68 x 102 cm, National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. WikiArt. Image in public domain.

3. French Impressionist Andrew Zorn

Monday, May 23, 2016

VERTICALITY’S SPACE & THE QUEST: Once A Golden #Ripple Flew #poetheme #mpy


1. Helle = light
    Helle + Phryxos = lightening bolt
    the hooves of KRIOS KHRYSOMALLOS
  = thunder
   “where Helle fell” = “let her rip” 
   X = the spot or space where something old repeats but something new can be retrieved

This  is where a rippling effect grew  or “ripped” slashing the sea to reveal what desire lay underneath it 
in the human heart (not to mention what men and women are willing to do/sacrifice to achieve a "falling" not falling under the grip of the darker aspect [i.e. vengeful heart] in this rippling effect ) X marks the spot where soul retrieval can be had and the story can be made new or otherwise.  This making would be an example of mythopoesis. Where this making happens, [where Helle fell "here"] says it is not happening to ego. Ego is responding to the rippling effect of its absence presence and how one turns this psyche-making having recognized it in one's own heart.

2. Ripple, perhaps from Proto-Germanic *rupjan-, from PIE root *reup-, *reub- "to snatch."  Rip, meaning "to slash open" is from 1570s. “Let her rip” (from 1798 and on) means something like "to move with slashing force." But, also “rip” is said of seas (1775 on). (And so, likewise in antiquity this could be said of nereids like Nephele and her daughter Helle as well as the wrath of Ino); when there is a rip in the sea, ripples get rippling. Said of seas, a ripped sea marks the adventure ahead and maybe how desire operates just underneath in the hearts of every quest adventurer.

3. Nephele (nebula or cloud goddess), the mother of Helle & her twin brother, Phrixus, from Phryxos, (Greek) meaning "thrilling or causing shivers”, derived from ripple, sends the ram with the golden fleece, KRIOS KHRYSOMALLOS, a gift to her twin off-spring to save them from the wrath of Ino. (Something to think about is Helle as a shiver or ripple’s missing eros.)

4. Ino, once a mortal queen of Thebes took shape in the human imagination as an image doubling for the goddess
Amphitrite.   Amphitrite and the Nereids govern the realm of the titanic, aged sea and its “mermaid singing” as late as the Iliad of Homer and long before she is made wife to Poseidon. (Something to think about are how tears as “mermaid singing” unite and maintain separation between Helle, missing eros & Phryxos)  

5. The Myth of The Birth of KRIOS KHRYSOMALLOS (golden fleeced, Aries) is told by the Roman mythographer, Pseudo-Hyginus (C2A.D.) in his wonder-tale, Fabulae. ( see Fabulae 188 trans. Grant) In the Fabulae, one encounters Theophane.

6. Theophane means something like divine incarnation. In her story she is sought after like Homer’s Penelope by far too many greedy suitors not particularly interested in her but in possessing her wealth. Winning Theophane is a  laying claim by divine right to a divine right, a kind of land-naming and/or land claiming belonging to another realm of insight. Inherent here is a kind of distinct, cold misogyny, too. "Here", the medium of the wondertale, may be the message, a using of the wondertale at the same time disqualifying the source of its wisdom as “knowledge”.

Theophane becomes a divine possession up for grabs by somebody else and not a divine nature (mermaid singing) with outright equality individually held or possessed and necessary to the psychic life of the anima mundi.    There is a spiritual idea, land nam but also a spiritual war and the spoils of warring factions up for grabs inherited in the story.  There is also the notion of a god's revenge for destroying what belongs to no one else ( aka the anima mundi.)  The story will tell of that moment, how people acting out of their baser animal natures, invite those seeking revenge to become wolves.

Pseudo-Hyginus tells us how Theophane (of the realm of mermaid singing before the sea is made “wife”) is turned  by Poseidon into a ewe (apparently she had no say in the matter so it seems to be against her will) and then, as part of the deception lay with her to produce “the golden-fleeced”, Aries (sic) while at the same time turned the people of the land into cattle.  The suitors sail off to retrieve Theophane a little like Homer earlier tells of Menelaus sailing off to retrieve Helen whom Paris had taken back to Troy.  The suitors, finding no people to fight but merely animals to slaughter, begin slaughtering cattle.  Poseidon turns suitors into wolves.  Thusly, is told how Poseidon’s revenge is actually the description of a ripple effect. It is a story revealing how everything human might fall into animal form acting out a terrifyingly cold “shiver” as it conforms to the archetypal grip of an inherited complex at work in the ancestral soul.

Theophane, a most beautiful maiden, was the daughter of Bisaltes. When many suitors sought her from her father, Neptunus [Poseidon] carried her off and took her to the island of Crumissa. When the suitors knew she was staying there, they secured a ship and hastened to Crumissa. To deceive them, Neptunus changed Theophane into a very beautiful ewe, himself into a ram, and the citizens of Curmissa into cattle. When the suitors came there and found no human beings, they began to slaughter the herds and use them for food. Neptunus saw that the men who had been changed to cattle were being destroyed, and changed the suitors into wolves. He himself, in ram form, lay with Theophane, and from this union was born the Aries Chrysomallus (Golden-fleeced Ram) which carried Phrixus to Colchis, and whose fleece, hung in the grove of Mars [Ares], Jason took away.


7.  Amphitrite /

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Friday, May 13, 2016

EMBODYING PRESENCE or What does it mean, "rise from the dead" ?


The secret a not-knot carries
is that it is what precisely

neither is nor is not—both and— 

an infinity is left behind— a coming
rises out of the black, a personal spark
having gotten into it.

Call the not-knot a blue bag
old woman carried (empty)
for effect, to leave infinity behind.

What is missing in it,  […].
Call these unspeakables your
creative core; call them abject

call their body what gives life
it's body, missing eros
added back.

So, add something back…a trace
return in a word adding
something to the scene—

let other’s feel it— you
absently present
after you’ve gone.

Chroma Soma xx stephanipope
monsters & bugs poetry series


1. What is real? Life is real. Life has happened.  You have happened.  In psychology, Jung gave us some advice about this. Read what he suggests.

2. Chroma,
from the Greek khroma, “color” + some from the Greek soma, meaning the body, or that word-forming element meaning “the body”; taken together they make up the word chromosome, so named because chromosomal structures contain a substance that stains readily with basic dyes.  An embodied presence colors the world real.

3.. Poetheme: kundalini's creative core, complexity, eukaryotics and woman the egg maker.

4..  All cells store DNA.  The difference between the two general types of cells, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is in how DNA is stored. Discover the difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells

5.  Just for fun construct a cell

6.  In the beginning, when the earth was not yet cooled but cooling, prokaryotic cells formed into life. But not only do we owe our lives to them,  they colored the earth blue!  Watch this really cool video to earn more about prokaryotic cells and the beginning of life on earth.

Monday, May 9, 2016

THE NIGHT IS WANTON GREEN AND BARKING LOUDLY #MondayMotivation #motivationMonday #MondayBlogs

WHAT MAGIC? #poetry #mythopo


there should have been a deep and pale december
a calendar with edges signed in wear
there should have been a bleak and frail tender
happening come later in the year

if only there were time to add some touches
tempos beating with you warmed you’d spend
you could have talked me through it, I’d remember
and just for you I’d do your recommend

but when you left the birds were green and singing
the god had risen conquering all dread
and just as dawn came rolling on in ender
light trumpeted and it was then you fled

I do not know the decibel that played you
nor understand the rush that you were in
I wish instead a magic would have made you
hesitate and wait for me, my friend


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

NUCLEAR MYSTICISM #mythopo #poetheme

3D Animation of Salvador Dali's "Galatea of the Spheres" done in
Cinema 4D, by Kallinikou Garufalia and published May 10, 2012. Of
the animation Kallinikou notes "t
he video...represents nuclear codes
move with the sound that according to Pythagoras is "the music of the spheres".



… Acis, salted wound asked god
to throw himself against himself
and a broken breaker bled
Galatea shed, the nuclear

near the antidote
in conspectu rigor
what shell held,
dull and dead and de


Mneme gifts us near to shore
some farther reach, some wider
vision Galatea, milk white, made
nursing a past never past
nursing a call Polyphemus in love
never heard.

She lays unshelled the edge
falling unhooked out of the mouth
…her drop, an antidote, heart-ease
as if
just like a woman falling falls
in bleached stone breakers
soothing, darkening, blood-soaked sandy
stone, life turns foamy again.

In milk-white skin she carries reflection
something like moons in water.
But like a moon in water
shows us how water sees the moon,
we’ve still not heard that voice
of something earthy that is not earthly
the way the moon sees living psychic

Which may be why, there in the sacrifice
of a god’s embodiment a
theology of Mneme is nonetheless
both long ago and immortally near
and terribly hard to decode

©2016 Terror, Titan And Watermaid
stephanie pope
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

#LastRelationshipTaughtMe LASTING RELATIONSHIP

MELON IN BLUE//cucumis melo reticulatis
by Stephanie Pope


Those masterful images because complete
Grew in pure mind, but of what began? ~W.B. Yeats

Pair the man.

the day before a day of thanks, a given, a day set aside
by executive decision, a day, 11-26, a dark day (like today)
but a place restored instead to love, nature

unutterable presence

throughout my creations, disasters, myself being with the mess
creating the dish, hovering over it hovering over me
like a shining―day.

Throughout the dark meat of an old year
the right shade & the right moment
in what lead by histories came back to root again a

natural music

capable enough in the ragged bone
& jagged edge in the shop, the man,
a lovely man, remembered and an uncommon holiday

lit again.

Without fear a deeper story embers again
the darkest part of my ancient year, a story dancing
round as fire under the stars. I am thankful today for

many things―today

a day set aside for remembering
what forms a more perfect union
a day of thanks and


not a Thanksgiving Day but
the one the man
the lovely man


brought to the
moment in the shop
this shade to me.

©2008 125 Melon stephanie pope,  Bleu Melon Poetry Series


1. Inspiration for the Melon In Blue occurs while shopping for lipstick in a major department store in 2007. 125 Melon is a shade of lipstick.

2. For more Bleu Melon poetry see 

3. First publication of  125 Melon

4. Second publication: 125 Melon appears in  the first annual edition of Literary House Review Anthology, 2008, Waterforest Press, publisher (under the earlier Skyline Magazines publications series) 

5. This blog marks the third publication of 125 Melon.