Friday, August 11, 2017

STORYHOUR : A Sea Glass Serenade #Friyay #mythopoetry

True personality is always a vocation...vocation acts like a law of god from which there is no escape. 
-C.G. Jung

Archetypal Suffering  "The Development of Personality"
CW17, p. 175

Tear catchers popular once
among our womankind
whose men are lost in battle
during the Civil War; many
ladies of such mind
say tears of wives and daughters
are sacred much like holy

It makes me think of glassy sea & blues
that in their whitely singing foam
mermaids also knew
and of this ancient turning solid
suspending sadness in those tears they
drew—caring too, they might undo
the shipwrecked fates of men in lore

And, as if by some enchanted magic
pulled they underneath
the grey-green ocean
swept up in varied colors thrust
such teardrops onto shore

©2017 Sea Glass Serenade stephanie pope