Tuesday, March 11, 2014



"Lightly she stepped on shore, and under the gentle pressure of her delicate foot the dry and rigid sand became transformed into a verdant meadow, where every varied shade of colour and every sweet odour charmed the senses. "

       ~ A WORLD OF MYTHS        

shell lacked no beauty where  
your own pink footprint stepped
in one right out of you sky blue that fled

my wide remembering not still 
in tide & sweep & leap ashore; 
it is no wonder I am worn with what you wore 

& now I’m thinking 
intimacy a little word
a threnody in as to me

I’m thinking as is intimacy’s shell 
a field of beauty rising 
from the oysters under sea

in pieces swimming swell ashore
flow & drop, rise & plop intimacy here 
in wave and leaving

leaving here & sunken 
sunlit, slivered, drenched & 
spurting exalted genitus skyblue & pink 

in me each time although in each time through
dismembered by the days 
now nowhere, too

how intimate where you withdrew
& with her other name
shell threw this empty black

a gray green living corpse
my tatters even now
though transient & wounded, too the round

where matter left the gray green
stamped in me still damp
imprinting how

& how you shatter in & matter in
the gray green foam
whitely living

word for word
as-intricately me
the oysters under sea

shell lacked no beauty where
your own pink footprint stepped
in one right out of you sky blue that fled

I'm thinking as succinctly she
intimate and empty swelled
within a field of beauty shelled