Friday, January 30, 2015



Begins and ends January nude, like us at birth
white coldvirgin; gone the great god's chariot

long our masks and roles
a span of short-lived lives open like the gate we are

our poetry the masks and roles we wore
this long absence

©2015 WE WEAR OUR POETRY NUDE stephanie pope
#vss #6lines #mythopoetics #micropoetry

Monday, January 26, 2015


The Moon's gravity imparts tremendous energy to the Earth, raising
tides throughout the global oceans.  The quick time animation, courtesy 
of the Scientific Visualization Studio at the Goddard Space Flight Center shows what happens to this energy. What happens is called tidal energy dissipation.  The wind contributes to this energy
conversion supplying  about half(1terawatt or 1 trillion watts) to the process, the tides contribute another 1 terawatt to the process of dissipation.  More


unsensed the wind
& moon talk oceans

but with economy
& not about it

not about it
either, oceans

    & roll

©2015 Poetry Chain stephaniepope
#poetrychain #micropoetry #mythopoetics #vss

Friday, January 23, 2015



                           ~for Ric

snow on fire cleave the tongue
gas, fruit hanging in the
five-fold vegetal soul

the animal spirit locally unstable
a touch of coal to its lip
a taste of shit in the vowel
of its throat, eternal lovers

drawn in to draw out whole
the story rising in
primeval emptiness unsensed

& it works upon our eyes undoing
& we SEEd again in the nothing
that is not there nothing that is

©2015 Honeymoon Grammar stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #mythopoetics #micropoetry


1. The etymology of gas and chaos

gas (n.) 1650s, from Dutch gas, probably from Greek khaos "empty space" (see chaos). The sound of Dutch "g" is roughly equivalent to that of Greek "kh." First used by Flemish chemist J.B. van Helmont (1577-1644), probably influenced by Paracelsus, who used khaos in an occult sense of "proper elements of spirits" or "ultra-rarified water," which was van Helmont's definition of gas. Modern scientific sense began 1779, with later specialization to "combustible mix of vapors" (1794, originally coal gas); "anesthetic" (1894, originally nitrous oxide); and "poison gas" (1900). Meaning "intestinal vapors" is from 1882. "The success of this artificial word is unique" [Weekley]. Slang sense of "empty talk" is from 1847; slang meaning "something exciting or excellent" first attested 1953, from earlier hepster slang gasser in the same sense (1944). Gas also meant "fun, a joke" in Anglo-Irish and was used so by Joyce (1914). As short for gasoline, it is American English, first recorded 1905.

chaos (n.) late 14c., "gaping void," from Old French chaos (14c.) or directly from Latin chaos, from Greek khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty," from *khnwos, from PIE root *gheu- "to gape, yawn" (cognates: Greek khaino "I yawn," Old English ginian, Old Norse ginnunga-gap; see yawn (v.)). Meaning "utter confusion" (c.1600) is extended from theological use of chaos for "the void at the beginning of creation" in Vulgate version of Genesis (1530s in English). The Greek for "disorder" was tarakhe, however the use of chaos here was rooted in Hesiod ("Theogony"), who describes khaos as the primeval emptiness of the Universe, begetter of Erebus and Nyx ("Night"), and in Ovid ("Metamorphoses"), who opposes Khaos to Kosmos, "the ordered Universe." Meaning "orderless confusion" in human affairs is from c.1600. Chaos theory in the modern mathematical sense is attested from c.1977.

2. For snowmen see Wallace Stevens, The Snowman

3.  For the central image of the first three lines see the  January 20th 2015 poem, Mechanical Bulls by Richard Lance Scow Williams

photographs of a cactus
fruits of orange & yellow
taken with a cellphone
the ice on the ground
she sews wool pants
pieced from ones
bought at Goodwill
we watch McCabe &
Mrs. Miller a perfect movie
said Roger Ebert—saddest movie
he ever saw—Leonard Cohen music
she had never seen it—i dreamed a metal
buckle was lodged above my pubic bone as if it were a skull of a bull the shape of a woman’s
reproductive organs—the ovaries fallopian tubes & uterus a history of bulls—secrets of death & birth how Goethe thought five-pointed stars were the preferred shape all of nature there are no sheriffs in this new town a church no one attends is burning fire orange & yellow strips of air pay attention to your violence the machine on the ice mechanics of time Einstein & trains smoke of flesh lugubrious songs of gamblers & whores—i want to see snow in bloom heroes must be fed to time her eyes upon the dimming light her head upon his shoulder life cradles sorrow in a bed of joy the chorus watching the credits roll

© 2015 Richard Lance Scow Williams January 20 mechanical bulls

Monday, January 19, 2015


The Egyptian KA, an untranslatable word represented as a pair of open arms, held upwards, connecting to creative life force. The god Khnum is occasionally depicted seated at a potter's wheel making both the physical body of the person and his ka, as if these are being already and “thrown” together onto the wheel prior to birth. In image and likeness there is a notion of the unborn powers and also already as a projectile into language, a priori consciousness.


                            ~for Ric

where no one waits

weight the mode in deformation
growing amorphous continuum

lighter than a gliding […] skin
underneath for disappearing in

even nothing strives
inTENds toward meaning

and not nothing
why something

given at birth
and not yet born

to register the world

©2015 Creative Illness; Poetic Impulse stephaniepope


1.  “Wait The Cancer” is the first line taken from  a Ric Scow Williams poem, “ The Teaching Of Expanded States”

wait the cancer
did it leave
who let it go
screaming mouths
fangs moldy witchy dripping
(venom owns its own hard truth)
where does it go caught in its honey
supernally cold—even light finally slows hair on the palmside of a thumb on the tongue in the throat pluck it out from the root who knows to count the moments of a single hour a dream of dreaming—the way in— curling the threads of a light first spun are those beams yet in there your heart a furnace mercury moving to its pitched flow hold my hand (though it is not where you expect it) the thought of you alone rises to its crowned conclusion how else beauty being a mountain laughing love a longish way madly more marvelous than some trick of clouds

© 2015 Richard Lance Scow Williams January 15 the teachings of expanded states

2. Unsense/ suspend meanings where death is talking to you.  Let the word behind the words fly like an arrow set free from the bow (the symbolic order) to go between time’s statement and eternal ones finding its way into the unborn spirit of the depths. Out of this body, come.

3. For notions of subjectile see

4.  For image doubling, the poetic impulse, projectile, subjectile, in-born image-likenesses and creative illness see Derrida on Artaud

Sunday, January 18, 2015



Umm, who does ya know comin' down the road?
Well, it look like Maggie, little bit. But she walks too slow

                 ~ Tommy Johnson, Maggie Campbell Blues

Perforce it be true, Maggie
a fork in the road
corn meal salt, dear
lightens the load

Followed your shade here
it brought me this skill
tricks in the road, dear
I'm learnin' still

Perforce it be true, dear
it's given untold
nearer that rider
turnin' it gold

Perforce it be true, Maggie
fork in the road
layin' my salt, dear
lightens the load

©2015 Crossroad Spirit stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #poetry #mythopoetics #micropoetry #vss


1. The Lwa imprinted in the crossroad is that to Soba on behalf well-being/health &/wealth
2. For more regarding hoodoo magic and the crossroad spirit see
3. Maggie Campbell Blues written and sung by Tommy Johnson Songwriters: TOMMY JOHNSON, RORY BLOCKMaggie Campbell Blues lyrics © CONCORD MUSIC GROUP, INC 

4. Song Lyrics

Cryin', who did you know
Comin' down the road?
Comin' down the road
Umm, who does ya know
Comin' down the road?
Well, it look like Maggie, little bit
But she walks too, slow

Now, the sun is gonna shine
My back door ov'are the trees
My light due somedays
Come your turn and
My light due someday
And the wind gon' change all
Blow my blues away

Now, cc rider
See what you done, done
See what you done, done
Cc rider
See what you done, done
You done made me love you
Now you're through
Tryin'-a throw me down

Well, I'm gon' away, now
Won't be back 'till fall
Won't be back 'till fall
Well, I'm gon' away, now
Won't be back 'till fall
'Till I meet my good gal faror
Won't be back a'tol

Now, who that yonder
Comin' down the road?
Comin' down the road?
Who's that yonder
Comin' down the road?
Does it look like Maggie, a little bit
But she walks too, slow.

Umm-mm, goin' baby
Won't be back' till fall
Won't be back' till fall
I'm goin' away, long
I'll be back in fall
Well, I might meet my new gal
But I, I won't be back a'tol.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Selu at Qualla Boundary, in NC (Eastern Band Cherokee)
photo credit: public sculpture, Waymark also, more views


original being is a pluck spirit
rubbed & ground to grit
no spirit land held in demesne

©2015 Held In Trust stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #vss #3lines #micropoetry #mythopoetics


1. For land held in trust see wiki link above on the public lands at Qualla Boundary.
2. For notions of how to get around white mythology and mythic dominants see the blog post at Urocyon's Meanderings, "Selu", March 23, 2010 which provides at least three good sources on examining layers of appropriation when approaching cross cultural boundaries.
3. See Meloukhia's 'What Is 'splainin'? And Why should I Care?
4. See Peggy McIntosh "White Privelege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack". Furthermore, by extension,  how does focusing on racism as a primarily "black" issue mask the plight of indigenous peoples?
5. A little language, a little history, a little lifestyle.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Bernard Picart,1731
photo credit: wiki


None can look upon the face of god and live
              ~ Dante, Paradiso, canto twenty-one

In a temerity bequeathed her
you inherit corn spirit.

Let her wisdom precede youGo!
Find your father.

©2015 Endless Pleasure stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #vss #micropoetry #mythopoetics


1. For depictions of Semele in mythology and in art see Mythography which notes the following:  1.The name, “Semele” is not native to Greek language.  2. Although “there is some controversy about the precise origin of this legendary figure, one thing about Semele is certain - her story….quite popular in Greek myth.” It is a tale of remarkable death.
2. For Semele/Stimula see  for a scant synopsis of the myth. See also Ovid, “Fasti” trans. Anne Wiseman p. 118 for the ‘stimulae’ (Stimula) version of the myth.
3. Dante uses the myth to warn against temerity when approaching the sacred. See notes for canto twenty-one p 459 of Anthony Esolen’s “Paradise” translation. But also, Dante understands one must approach.
4. To experience the historical soul of indigenous peoples now telling their own narratives about a time of great upheaval that causes the archetypal activism of this feminine principle in the form of images of Selu, the corn maiden or first woman/mother of Cherokee polis to erupt in the visions and dreams of  19thC Cherokee people, visit

5. Handel’s “Semele”

Monday, January 12, 2015



god haunts this predilection
drawn into the shape of love
minus lover

©2015 Boreas stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords, #ohj, #3lines, #vss, #micropoetry #mythopoetics

1. PURPLE-WINGED, THE NORTH WIND GOD, BOREAS WAS ALSO CALLED THE GOD OF WINTER WHO OFTEN APPEARS  “as a gust-blowing head with bloated cheeks up among clouds...
frequently found in old maps.


3. JANNSON WIND ROSE, MAP OF THE WINDS,_Anemographic_Chart,_or_Map_of_the_Winds_-_Geographicus_-_Anemographica-jannson-1650.jpg



pastel dawn in thin light
lyrebird darts from under
thick & woody cover
& hummers hover

©2015 Coral Choral stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #unpair#vss #micropoetry #mythopoetics #4lines

Sunday, January 11, 2015



No plus for her prince as he drew near
So high held that she couldn't hear
Temporize m'lady with beautiful hair
Rapunzel throw down your underwear

©2015 Self-Fertile Anger stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #vss #fracturedfairytale #mythopoetics #4lines


1. The name, Rapunzel means rampion.

Rampion   A leafy plant in the same group as spinach and lettuce, rampion is an autogamous plant. If it is not fertilized with the help of insects, it can split a column within the plant to fertilize itself. The split column will "curl like braids or coils on a maiden's head, and this will bring the female stigmatic tissue into contact with the male pollen on the exterior surface of the column" (Thompson 1989).

2. What Rapunzel’s mother wanted was forbidden food. What Rapunzel wanted, so high up in a tower with no contact to the outside world was worldly experience; she wanted to fall like her mother into the world; what Rapunzel wanted was to become, become Rapunzel, become “fleshed”.

3.  Considering the archetypal angel, the angel of person, the pattern in this tale seems similar to the tale of Demeter & Persephone. Persephone distinguishes herself from her mother; her consciousness is not the grain goddess. Her pattern reflects a life which cannot be snuffed out. After her ordeal in Hades, she claims authority moving between two realms, a chthonic dimension within a human, earthy one, vegetal soul and animal spirit. Both.  And, significantly, such self-resonance is something else.  Suppose this is that to which the term “feminine principle” applies and that the nature of this principle is perhaps what Jung means when he uses the term, psychoid. See Mark Dotson’s Soul Spelunker . Suppose what happens within rampion soul in the story describes an event in the soul by the soul for its own sake.

4.  See Annotations For Rapunzel, Sur La Lune for foot note one and four.

Some scholars believe Maiden in the Tower stories have their roots in the story of Saint Barbara. Saint Barbara was locked in a tower by her father when she disobeys him and refuses marriage offers from eligible suitors. You can read more about Barbara on the following webpage:

5. For a modern Maiden in the Tower story see Richard Lance Williams, “Woman In The Tower”

The line “Rapunzel throw down your underwear” is an adaptation from a version of the story,  “Falling For Rapunzel” 

7.  Original Fractured Fairy Tale of Rapunzel 

Thursday, January 8, 2015



Tot’s eye of fancy
in a paroxysm of play
fixed upon me 

©2015 SEE NO EVIL stephaniepope
#ohjDailyWords #vss #micropoetry #mythopoetics


HOTOT  is pronounced hoe-toe.

1. For a list of one-eyed creatures in mythology and fiction see

2. Regarding hotot dwarf rabbits see

Tuesday, January 6, 2015




time did not stand still

it scrambled
down & back & bent
with efficacy my tree

© 2015 The Creature In My Tree stephanie pope
#ohjDailyWords #ohj #vss #mythopoetics #micropoetry #4lines


1. That the presences of “who one is”, are already with one in potential at birth.

2. That what makes me up, I didn’t make [up].

3. That what I did not make up is using my consciousness  to grasp consciousness in real essences of persons within the actuality of my person.  And what I discern in actuality is, in its congeniality, [congeniality in the sense of Jacque Maritain’s connaturality a conceptual union by means of "inner bents and propensities of [one’s] own being."  [see chapter four, “Poetic Intuition” in John W. Hanke, ‘Maritain’s Ontology of A Work Of Art, Springer e-book ] a description like  Henri Corbin’s angel, an event in the soul by the soul for its own sake.

4. That to discern my person in the form of its celestial person, my "angel",  my own person must participate in creation creatively. 

see also

Jennifer Selig and her article on archetypal creators 

Monday, January 5, 2015



the elderberry after noon
in January

#ohjDailyWords #ohj #mythopoetics #2lines #6words #micropoetry

Sunday, January 4, 2015



snow people soul people
made in shadow and shade
the toe-space buried in winter 
paws to passerby

©2015 Pause In Winter stephaniepope
#poetry #micropoetry #4lines #mythopoetics


Winter's eye, like the lens of the camera, swoops in to seize in the same space what can't be grasped in its disappearances. In its disappearances arise  mythopotoes.
for a variation see also George Breed, "Walking Flagstaff"

Saturday, January 3, 2015



©2015 Fur & Brrr stephaniepope #ohjDailyWords #3lines #10words #micropoetry

Thursday, January 1, 2015



With the village mostly dead
and the journey oddly harmless
impasse awaits like breakfast
in a night garden.

2015 Voltaire's Cul de Sac Is No Dead Ending
stephanie pope
#ohjDailyWords #4lines #mythopoetics