Tuesday, August 24, 2010


           An Orbit of Understanding; A Pattern of Deepening

      For even as you have home-comings in your twilight, so has the
      wanderer in you the ever distant and alone.     ~Kahlil Gibran

On that hill

under that sky
I saw a shadow
lift its head

in that word
in that way
under that
last light.

he said “mould”
but, I heard “mold”
and instantly, “decay”

and instantly
the shadow moved
instantly away.

“Write at that,” he said

till it grows on that hill
under that sky
in that word
its own way
that light. In that

last light
                something new.

©2010 mythopoetry.com
An Orbit of Understanding; A Pattern of Deepening stephanie pope  matter & beauty series

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Metamaterials & The Power To See

mythoplokos today
invokes weaving
the shape of things
the state of tensions
terrific tensions
under surveillance
and people engineer
metamaterial when
the mind reaches out
to know a space desire opens

a necessary fiction & pteros
transpire to woo us ―I
don’t know if metamaterials
make better burqas when they
swallow whole how she is
not to be seen although the
work to shift reality exists
where nobody profiles anybody
everybody claims

yet at the McDonald’s
here behind the veil
where someone breast feeds
not illegally, someone
is told to leave policed
out the door scaring the hell
out of the six year old
eating his happy meal;
sowing the body means
sewing the cloaking device
one uses to reach over
such spaces covering them up

some things
really do
point to
something illegal as if alien
in something deeper, something
ill & lethal
as if to insist some mojo
in dark death is to happen,
some autumn-sowing 
of Arizonan margins or
Japanese margins
but isn't this a milk bond
knowledge of erotic things
endanger us   

'as if '  reality says
the ‘real’ happens
in stereoscopy
as if the known and the unknown
align themselves one behind one
 behind one behind consumption.

It is

a retreat into matter,
a retreat in to the soul
of the season in vale states that
uplift images; something―a secret

wish, a blocked eros
is behaving its say  which will
retreat into immanence and ways
to work the shape of things
sufficiently rotted that once
upon a then I thought holy;
sacreds are fast foods. So

get back, Mojo!
back to work back to school back
to providing some real 'nourish'
meant; meaning
each passion holds in suspense
other floating images to
surface things I’m not to see
alas, I’m fooling, too! I see!

So let me offer my own life’s
endings back to themselves
in these shapes of rotting
matters and turn the restless
sure-veiled, surveil lance material
which meta matters, too.
And, if these presences help you
to see you
and will I, too
see in these the soft body organs
and necessary inner knife, we’ll
see separately and together how
a desire in camouflage
fully envelopes everything
in lack ―living psyche

is living immanence is
no body at all. And our
living psyche, an erotic ruse
where tangible, visible bodies
disappear, collect and divide our
passions, too in negative capability

lets our knowing return an absence
space that knows what we do not

such light fools even light

©2010 stephanie pope mythopoetry.com
The Power To See matter & beauty poetry series

Friday, August 13, 2010

Vegetal Spirits, Animal Souls

You know how it is here at the end
the inseparable separation is a necessary one
like loosening from the herd stolen heads
and moving a bit backwards
Or loosening from one’s own head

the unheard, stolen life honey-hidden
in the cave of resonance long ago
there is a reverse metamorphoses in the
mother-daughter reflection a man carries
between his eyes under his hat and
nobody gets in to the ballpark anymore
without checking under his own hat

psychic shadows; both the differentiating
lovely spirit bent on a psyche’s destruction
and the loving one reaching across its own
abysmally painful separations with the
newer, (but still disturbingly) unknown
will to live is no longer a monochrome
of singular reflection –everything  is
contingent on how two go on from two

blue water is, you know, a milk bond
one and many separations at once in a life force;
the power to let go is something bigger
the power to seek one’s own boundary way
in the many ways draws together and separates
drawing and separating inalienable
fluiditities of any two rights
not enough or too much
the same thing

each will
reshapes matter out of love
and hate and the will to risk
what shadows will say
in the roots above
to the roots below

and when you climb into the tree of your
inversion, each picture show will feel
for where the real fluid formation
has reached its lowest level

shapeless blues inform prickly edges
soul fleshes
almost touching in the herculean reach
of precise but invisible feelers
red cows grazing in red fields

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Slow Train to Gwalior

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mythopoetry.com has been running a column called "Blogs You Don't Want To Miss" for some time now. Recently, mythopoetry.com on facebook debuts "BLOGS I ♥". This past weekend a new poetry and art blog by the multitalented South African poet, Amitabh Mitra is featured to mythopoetry.com on facebook under the post titled "Fluid Colors". I got the bright idea then and there it was time to share with blog readers of "Mythopoetics In Culture, mythopoetry.com" the full list of links to myth and poetry blogs I love . Along with that I'd like to feature one of
Amitabh's watercolors.  Enjoy!
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