Monday, June 14, 2010


The poem marks
a watery realm
a tri via, shaken and disturbed
the poem marks
a de termini for the poet.

The poem is a kind of boundary
marker; the poem is where the
gods came and went
The poem is what the gods left

The poem is where
aesthetic mythoi
in form, an image
dissolves back and in
a transpersonal past
dimension of experience
transcendant ground
soil of Ge
the poem
livens the story
of itself
in the gods

The poem is where
images reform
into personality
and person

a poem changes
the matter
in the

The poem
is a story
a legein
like the one
imbedded in
the peplos of

The poem is
golden and gold
is the tool
in the skin
and hide of

The poem
returns gold

The poem is
a woman
changing her cloth
her peplos
her closure

changing woman

the poem reforms beauty
where beauty herself passes
between aesthetic expression
and transpersonal arrest; since

not all beauty is beautiful
in the aegis

the poem marks
this de termini
for the poet;
beauty in being

be-ing the one property
of all things; the poem

weaves and
what is not beautiful
that disturbs identity
is reunited and
reabsorbed back
into what is


© 2009 Watermark stephanie pope