Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogs I Love: Part One: The Crescent Moon Bear

a Japanese folktale retold by Catherine Svehla

wood block print "Woman Walking in the Snow" by Dorsey Potter Tyson

Once there was a young woman who lived in a fragrant pine forest at the base of a mountain. Her husband had been away at the wars for many years, and when she heard that he was coming home, she was overjoyed. She shopped and cleaned and cooked to prepare for his arrival. But when her husband reached the edge of the trees, he refused to come closer. He stayed outside.

So the young wife gathered up the bowls of food, put them on a tray, and shyly carried them out to him. She laid them all out beautifully. But her husband kicked the food over and yelled at her. "Go away," he roared...

And, now...
(As Paul Harvey says) the rest of the story