Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogs You Don't Want To Miss!

BLOGS I ♥ has been running a column called "Blogs You Don't Want To Miss" for some time now. Recently, on facebook debuts "BLOGS I ♥". This past weekend a new poetry and art blog by the multitalented South African poet, Amitabh Mitra is featured to on facebook under the post titled "Fluid Colors". I got the bright idea then and there it was time to share with blog readers of "Mythopoetics In Culture," the full list of links to myth and poetry blogs I love . Along with that I'd like to feature one of
Amitabh's watercolors.  Enjoy!
                                                             Tree In The Fort -Amitabh Mitra

Blogs You Don't Want To Miss!
Amitabh Mitra/South African Poetry & Art Blog
Kris Oster/Mythic Rhythm Blog
Thomas Moore /Barque Thomas Moore
Dennis Slattery /Greening Predicates
Ric Williams/Photo Art Blog
Catherine Svehla/Cultural MythologyAmerican Notions of Self
Leigh Melander /Imaginal Activism
Cliff Bostock/Sacred Disorder
Stephanie Pope /Mythopoetry Blogspot (naturally!)
Blog Talk Radio/Dennis Slattery, airdate 11-10-09
on Jung & Psychic Energy, The Red Book & more!