Monday, November 28, 2011

THE END IS NEAR: November, 2011

         Photo/Art Credit: ph33lth3lov3

a shadow hound
its leafy cavity

lumber-like and numb
with V-like blue-nosed gravity
sniffing is only a fitting in...

... how kingly autumn
is sitting

well and worth a mining down
the worn trunk round
where the sap lay fast asleep

round like revolution―airy winds
poetic below the b-like wind and wind

the low-like opening
opening wider torn apart by sound
howling on behalf the shadow hound

in the spiral trumpeter a
diving V will know

the inner reaches of the
shadow bitch
in whose keep the vital life at rest, rests

the sun in the story shadows know, sleeping
who is she, this sol-gate guardian?

©2011 Royal Autumn stephanie pope enkata poetry