Sunday, November 18, 2012

DAILY POEM Creating From "Scratch"

photo credits:
Fruit From The Azure Vault ~©1986 stephanie pope

In exoteric Taoist thought, cultivation of Yin (lunar) energy is vital for good health, long life, and a richer experience of life beyond the social roles of the daylight world. ~ Dave Alber,  "Myths and Moon Cakes: The Cosmological Symbolism of the Zhou Revolution"

So now this rhythm of arisen rises
through the old gold, mist of numen-hissing movement
and railing rattler prattle in a long-gone run-on logos groaning
through the trailing tailor of the on and on and so-in-so’s in tales.
Who sewed this soul in souls; who sold the Eve’n souls;
what tailing tattler tempted?

All is well that ends, you know… that myth of motherhood
that seems to like us damned and stone
for owning; who will roll this stone away?

I’m busy in the kitchen cracking egg into an Om-let
you know that couplet, don’t you? A father/son and
whole wheat toasting, made such a substance, god
in a heaven hostess twinkle…you know, not quite a food

created equal;
creating sweet and low
like sugar in a con

substantial? No
creating something sweeter and lower
in down-going, something held natural to her
nature or like something sweet held eternally
something made in mooncake on a midnight tree

©1986 Fruit From The Azure Vault stephanie pope ©2012

For an interesting essay on the Taiwan Moon Festival and myth see
Dave Alber's fine essay: Myths and Moon Cakes: The Cosmological Symbolism of the Zhou Revolution