Sunday, August 30, 2015

BOOK LAUNCH FOR DEAR MOM #books #indiepub #AuthorRT


Soul work is slow work. This memoir is no exception in that regard. R J Van Dress is a mere sixteen when WWII breaks out.  And when he hears the newsboy on the corner selling newspapers shout this news, he scarcely will fathom that two years later he will be part of the last battle to end the war, the battle for Okinawa.

When I first approach my father about writing this story and sharing it with the rest of the family as well as open it to a broader audience, he shuns the idea. Eight slow years go by before the idea surfaces again. This time he comes to me and asks if I will help him tell his story. We work together another three years to bring this short story to press.  

Eleven years in the making,, on behalf mythopoetics in culture, is honored to present to you now, "Dear Mom: A WWII Memoir", R J Van Dress, author, Water Forest Press Books, publisher; cover art: R J at nineteen, pencil sketch by Ricketta Van Dress; copy edit: Ann Marie Van Dress, introduction Stephanie Pope.

The book is $10 a copy and is on sale now through Amazon.