Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green Energy

poetic sublimation connects the image to its
pain. Raw. Wet. Red; girlhood in first flower
what is primary (flowing & deflowering)
is a certain loss in a certain flowering
which is irreversible (meaning certain swallowing)
because all natural processes are irreversible
and why time flows one way and things fall apart

but not why Zeus in his cunning & in his zeal
swallows the mother of the real; swallows her
subjectivities and then agrees, Persephone, too
must be taken. Eating or sleeping
what is primary in the maternal subjectivities
through the flower upon which the god
erects himself in the name of the father is

did she bleed?

the energy of an isolation will increase in time
& in time, come to matter even more
says the second law of thermodynamics
blood to ink in the use; each phrase
made to order, turning toward the order
to mete
to measure
the moonlight in it

Dis (order) ing carries the deep use of the
figures in speech as if they are real, as if
it is we who control them, although we only
reduce them to specific figures of speech
to draw out the abstraction. Raw. Wet. Wed

she never gave birth in our world; instead
she gave insight into our suffering
in conspectu mortis (said Jung)

she had a mother (who must be laughing)
right where she passes –especially
where she passes
turning toward

the living time of the story

©2010 all rights reserved

Green Energy
-stephanie pope matter & beauty poetry series

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