Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Stocking Tale

(the pornographer's daughter is gifted) a dream he sat discussing
the nature of the real...ahhh, brilliant work!
but, what do I do about my loveliest daughter...

The Prologue

Here in the southwest there is this... pattern

it's called the step-pattern suppose you
take it in steps...nom-mon
where antimony steps en route
anti nomos = antimony

The first step: annihilation
get naked; greatness feels into every thing
zer- Oh's as close as it can get
to the real mystery god in the pubic zone


The Body

to take on the god you have to enter death so
descend like Inanna
(meat on a hook[er])
take it off
take it all off

her language
hung limp like ours now
in the air, the very air
where it vanished...let's say,
like ours now, in Duchamps...
and like a porn camera lens
zeroes in: we zer-0h hard core
but, before
stepping down
step first a step back (step two)

the steps conjugate negation
(1-1) in negative forms
supernatural object abjection
gets rid of the solid core
no body has what it takes
it (the objective psyche)
zer- 0h's i.e. targets the value
a value within lostness

mmmmm! Gone South! [*]

see? it takes the two to tangle
(as in maid + maid = mades to mis[s] con-strue)
kekropids (like sparrows) get sold in pairs & cons for far-things

(meat on the table)

...will it take away abjection (1-1); does it supply the repetition ???

zer- oh's
is as as is and there
the absence where's her scarcity as stockings

how the horror of an emptiness draws us in
0h! how the dark sex draws us

do not try to see into it
try to see as it sees; step 3: tertium non datur

see like a bird that is no bird
where no zoom-in lens will matter cause
the faux con cannot here the fauconer
(& keeping hope requires this suspense)

for the greatness is not achieved
in the fullness of time
the greatness
has nothing to do with time
the greatness (suspending even hope)
is presence underfire; presence not here
but, coming
and in its being
lives be-ing as is
in the eros

leaving the gap

& so
as is is as
a word with vapored wing
shot from the slow zer
0h in the myth
the language (of sex)
is being
and it
hangs in the air
of the animal

the mystery
in the coming language
poetry hangs in the air, Step 4



& yes to leave the matter

say yes, &
leave the matter hanging

© 2010 all rights reserved

[*]The poem is inspired by the wonderful essay of Craig Adcock, "'Faucon' or 'Perroquet'? A Note on Duchamp's Morceaux choisis d'apr├Ęs Courbet". Duchamps' bird is a pigeon but it turns out to be a pigeon that is no pigeon for he calls it a falcon. To complicate the plot even more, his 'falcon' is no falcon either. (He's punning.) The falcon, faucon in French, is a faux con. It looks like a pigeon but not quite. To paint his 'pigeon' Duchamps moves between two paintings by Gustave Coubert one of which is "Woman In White Stockings", 1861. Needless to say, they wear scarcely more than stockings! Looking and not looking; looking and perceiving; looking and the manipulations of the viewer's gaze are not a direct encounter with the woman, herself (wearing the white stockings.)Duchamps' faucon 'parrots' something, something that involves the viewer's inability. The viewer is a dupe, a 'pigeon', one who can be made to misconstrue a faux con, according to Adcock's point of view of Duchamp's presentation.

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