Saturday, September 18, 2010

Writing For Ghosts

the best episode

of Buffy
brought together
in solution
the slayers of all times
& formed them into a
timeless series
gathered at once
to muse upon &
doing as they do
you and I will too

to touch this new meaning
the wounded image used,
we imagine our stories
the way ghost writers do

when what they do
is write for ghost bodies

how, in newer poetry,
timelessness moves
a timeless story along

ghost ritings
honor virtual things having
no futures & are not passing
anymore for things;

not things
shape the way
haunted blood flows

I loved the fiery tongue
of that final Buffy season
suddenly torched by the
wounded fate in a
divine female form
offering the bodiless fleshed
slayers to paler font; the

little minute― the many
on fire at once
made this talisman