Thursday, April 10, 2014



when heart falls between my toes
and earth knows
_ole, the ole earth knows
how I've step_ed
re membering me

©2014 “The Missing Mark Miss-ing The Mark” stephaniepope


1. The "h" space or h-space; the becoming time in space and the becoming space in time; Derrida calls this _ole a temporized zone for making (in both senses opening that space between what the eye sees (sole, soul & _ole) and what the ear hears (soul and ole).  see (

The temporatized zone Derrida thinks both defers what meanings are happening there and differences them uniquely or 'solely' or  as if they are metaphorically from an 'ensouled within an en-soled' and maybe even, a new _not word forms in this space as another poetically worded word: "s'old"; it's telling, perhaps, of an older order in perfect mind through a lost language. (see also sophrosune or sophrosyne in "In The Summary Of A Brush Stroke" stephanie pope foreword to "Feathered Ladder, Dennis Patrick Slattery and Brian Landis, Fisher King Press, 2014 pp. 17-19. )  

2. Imaginal forms in the making; knot language racing the design: step_ed (stepped) might also yield another word-not-heard, step_ed as "stephed" opening the space for naming the unnamed as that of the poet-soul speaking for itself most personally but in a depersonlized way. see Dennis Slattery and Brian Landis,  "Feathered Ladder"; Fisher King Press, 
il piccolo editions; 1st edition (March 21, 2014)  ( for its treatment of "knot language".