Sunday, July 6, 2014



In fame, fabula
at the onslaught, the whole story.

©2014 Pheme stephanie pope
#ohj onslaught, fame


Since it is often impossible to trace hearsay to its source, it is said to come from Zeus, and hence Pheme-Ossa is called  “messenger of Zeus”
(Hom. Od. i. 282, ii. 216, xxiv. 412, Il. ii. 93).

(Oed. Tyr.158) calls her a daughter of Hope, and the poets, both Greek and Latin, have indulged in various imaginary descriptions of this daimon. Latin, Fama (Hes. Op. et Dies. 705, &c.; Virg. Aen. iv. 174, &c.; Ov. Met. xii. 39, &c.).

At Athens Pheme-Ossa is honoured with an altar.
(Paus. i. 17. § 1.)