Tuesday, March 10, 2015



In this universe where symbols clash
& love burns is an orchestra, too

of cymbals that crash to harmonies in turns
& something besides us lives through

©2015 To The Deborahs stephaniepope mythopoetry.com


1.  About Teruah Jewish Music and the two Phil blank images Jack Zaientz writes, “Underlying Lowest of the Low is a wonderful sense of the Klezmer as both marginal outsider (barely tolerated for living according to other rules) and critical insider (provides spiritual and secular functions not available otherwise). Jewish Deborah/Bee Goddesses picks up a similar theme, but is even more esoteric.” For the entire blog post see Jack’s 9-28-2008 blog post at http://teruah-jewishmusic.blogspot.com/2008/09/phil-blank-lowest-of-low-and-jewish.html. Accessed 3-10-2015

2. Phil blank provides the following narrative below his painting of the klezmer musikers:

Klezmer is a word for the lowest of the low”, said Jewish clarinetist Ray Musiker, We just called ourselves musicians.”  Klezmer, like the words, “jazz” and “funk” became a derogatory term associated with trashiness.  A distinction was made between klezmorim, poor musicians with limited repertoires and musikers, honored members of a profession who could play wider repertoires.  But, the same accusations of crudeness and cacophony were leveled against jazz and other “impolite” musical forms.  Is it possible that there was more to klexmer than primitiveness?  Could the klezmorim’s music contain the legacy of an anarchic art that has survived “underneath” respectable culture?

The klezmorim were marginal but respected figures in traditional Yiddish society.  They developed their own language and lived on the periphery socially and economically.  Their performances were apparently powerful enough to have been tightly controlled by both gentile authorities and local Jewish law, their marginal status, their focus on instrumental music and their ability to foster esoteric  states assemble the practices of shamans from around the world who claimed to be able to travel between heaven and earth on the sound of their drum. See http://philblank.com/  for more of Phil’s work.

3. Listen to some of Phil's music. https://soundcloud.com/phil-from-nc