Thursday, June 18, 2015

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP: A Personified Notion


Their story is the story of heroes and
anima personified; psyche is storytelling.
But names, sometimes, are meaningless
until you see how they form mental pictures.

Sam & Frodo were hobbits undergoing transition
also meaningless until translated into Sam
human-like and his best Frodo, a name in
elven meaning “old-wise”. No wonder Gandalf 

stuck to him.  Undergo a dark fiction unbelievingly
and without believing Frodo has existence in Sam
have faith in the instinctual form that Sam intuits.
Let what Sam grows to understand Frodo endures
count. Let vice versa.

Cross-stitchery is body-work and movies move us
inward in “movie” ways, moving ring-like abjections
from object to fabric; be prepared to let go.

Images arise and wither and nothing shows up
outside the weave in the work; an opus perfects an X
cross stitched, yes, but not in perfect symmetry.

The god, the animal, the individual
what lived, what died when the fiction happened and
though separation occurs the day Frodo leapt
did it separate Sam from the Frodo born to him?

In every death, a leap.
Two pass into immensity from the
approaching now rejoining itself in the past. An
intimate separation is like a veil―I loved her and we
watched the movie together but when we came
out of darkness there was too much light.

She said to me then, sometimes
a body won’t return from the adventure
and the last thing I see now so intimately, intricately
eXed when I think of her is Sam; in Hebrew Sam means
one having heard god’s name.

© 2015 Ringlets  stephaniepope