Friday, June 5, 2015

#Riting Myth; Mythic Writing

Hunting and Gathering
Seeking the Shards of Our Patterned Plot

AUGUST 28-30, 2015

Every couple years I go after a writer's workshop or gathering around explorations into poetics, depth perspectives or something related to my discipline as a cultural mythologer. This year's event brings together my interest in all three. This year's event is a writing retreat with Professor (and poet) Dennis Patrick Slattery held this August in Santa Barbara and sponsored by PacificA Graduate Institute (henceforth, PGI).

The last time a summer writer's retreat in riting myth, mythic writing was offered through PGI was 2010. You might remember way back then my blogging around that event which I attend. I enjoyed my experience so much I may try to clear my jam-packed summer schedule to participate again.

But, right now, I'd like to give those of you who like reading my blogs an early heads up so that those of you who live in proximity to Santa Barbara and/or have always wanted to participate in a mythic writing writer's experience and are very much interested in attending, might get the jump on the sign-up for this writing retreat. If you think you are interested in attending the August gathering,  you will find everything you need to know here.

Sign up as early as you are able because the class size is limited to keep this riting myth, mythic writing experience a warm and intimate learning environment. Hey, maybe I'll see you there!