Tuesday, March 8, 2016

COLOR & EGGS : The New Math

Justice Clarence Thomas speaking during the Catholic mass
in celebration of last rites for the late Justice, Anthony Scalia,
reads from Scripture Romans 5:5-11

       Indeed, only with difficulty does one die for a just person  -Romans 5:7

no way a seed
a word, alone, an egg

semen on the blue dress
semen on the altar cloth


this last

my god, my god
have you forsaken

supreme justice dead
photographed in black, the seed

this last

of white mythology, won’t
stop using jesus 

this last


red adam
red at night

shown your red winged life already
torn from monism's ghosting imagination

see it doubling the grotesque we’ve
read at night

who can make nothing
of it now?


we don’t even know
we've fallen into water―know

this red-winged black reflection
as ensouling presence―the ghosts’

“ghost” in the melting pot
we once were―see it and believe

what ghosts where dark men require

not in black and white but
in how one will have read

"good people"  
"just" person

out of this differing twoness
where we peck away

the old way we've read;
the difficulty of our dying

laid to rest
and hatched


let knowing and loving
unite where death

feeds you freshly hatched
out of your sensual landscape

beyond matters
celebrating decay en mass


death threads life in what
death wants soul-making clothed in:

an unknown

where no way back faces each alone in the alone
where it alone represents itself to us again

red at night
black and white

may we each find our way
in a new red egg & spring

©2016 No Way A Seed; A Word Alone A Red Egg At Night: The New Math
           stephanie pope mythopoetry.com

Re: GOP Statisticians Develop New Branch Of Math To Formulate Scenarios In Which Trump Doesn’t Win Nomination - The Onion sent along by poet Randy Lusk- http://www.theonion.com/article/gop-statisticians-develop-new-branch-math-formulat-52463


Romans 5: 5-11 read by Clarence Thomas