Thursday, March 10, 2016

#BENEATH : A Poetheme

"The logics that create the surface of the story
          are never the story." -Maggie Macary


A root formation

Old Moon, and I
beneath you

Being of the one dream
a creature of creation, too


Old Moon
a hidden thrust in core and crust

Beneath you
freezing and thawing

Has begun
in trees to run


Old Moon
dreaming in that language,



Beneath you,
something new


piñon pine


Your deep stone rhythm
pocks my breast

beneath my rest Old Moon      

  ©2016 Root Formation stephaniepope

1. The introduction to "March Moon" ( to read the full essay see )

For The Love of a Woman

by stephanie pope published 03/13/09

Pt 3 March Moon
A Cite For Sore Eyes

After a while, one starts thinking in that language, dreaming in that language, as well as
speaking in that language, and the behavior becomes different.  --J. J. Jameson

These essays around the full moon are inspired by a thought whose soul wonders what it is to reflect the mind of winter. Seeing the moon one gentle evening, this thinking began to imagine the moon had seen a good portion of the ghost world of what came and went many times over throughout countless eons long past. Thereupon perhaps something might remain in these ‘other world’ remains winter minds still and this might be of value and import to us now in our own life resolve. Whereupon our world, too, in the way it remains predisposed to reflect such mythic thoughts always and once more and imaginally so, we might then begin again to share the soul of this world with each other, being of the one dream and begun from within creative life’s image and likeness creatures of creation too. So this now is the imaginal route retraced that brings to me in contemplation likenesses for the ‘mind of winter’ and bears these through the first to this last of the winter-moon essays for this series.

2. "The logics that create the surface of the story are never the story." -Maggie Macary, "Cultural Mythology, A Methodology