Sunday, July 17, 2016

THUNDERMOON 2016: Social Media and Soul-making


television social media takes us places shows us peoples worlds lives we cannot in our bodies visit;  [1 ] we dine amiss.

, the word, a feminine Greek noun for force or power reminds me of that enlivener leading the mind’s heart to god…that is,

to god
beyond god

Think of it, that moment;  Anima Mundi connecting to Great Spirit, that mysterious phrase referencing the totality encompassing

both conscious and unconscious knowing.
What of it?

Think of it; on the one hand, the world’s psyche & pneuma, on the other hand, spirit & cosmos the former, a voluptuous

rounding expanse,  the latter
continuously expanding.

This is our spiralic gesture, a centerlessly centered dynamic level.  What is must mature for us to grow cosmically conscious?

Wonder do I if a mysterious unknowable beyond conscious & unconscious knowing—god

(the one who is the other of two)

may hear  this weeping  in our vale

listening behind (or down in and through)
our own conscious ear

May this uncommon sense for the totality of god awaken god to how earth suffers.

A sensing of this quality of omniscience my poor movements may not muster but my heart, my heart to this mystery awakens, too.


And, I can imagine how moved is god when god looks round upon us this deserted and weeping. I meditate then

what likeness is the like in which god shall next take form? Pray what, at the moment of its incarnation here, such totality in god Xpressed

may mean to our world
—a psyche 
of god at work

whose likeness imitates everywhere
the psyche of cosmos.

©2016 Tweeting Graffito stephaniepope


[gr uh- fee-toh] NOUN [PLURAL GRAF·FI·TI]
In archaeology, an ancient drawing or writing scratched on a wall or other surface.

[1] The original line using the word “television” being quoted in the opening line of the poem first appears in a poem, ‘What Else Can We Do?” by Ric Scow Williams.  This poem is sent to me in an email dated July 10, 2016 at 1:51pm