Sunday, April 23, 2017

POETS OF MYTHOPOETRY: DENNIS PATRICK SLATTERY Three Poems #guestpost #mythopoetry #NationalPoetryMonth 2017



To find in one another

some likeness in history

is unlike the seeing of the many.

Memory singes history

with its own truths, failures, limits

flimsy to the touch

but fierce in       staying power.

Now is the power of our birth, amen.

Cancelled checks singe money


I am unlike you in

dress and dross

And yet—

Below ground we circle slowly

in the same den    the same dim light

of a future undressed

waiting for a proper fitting.

You—a likeness monster

in your ordinary wrap

now find your own solace

where wind whistles in

the cave at dawn.

Similar yes like yesterday

But not the same really. 

© 2017 Serenity In Likeness Dennis Patrick Slattery
© 2017 Dennis Patrick Slattery All Rights Retained


Where goes what withers
to be refreshed?
The heat of a day’s longing
is enough to sap all moisture
from the stems of things.
Withering roots; where ecstasy
grows upward in a forest
without fear? Loosen your hold
on dry sticks when combustion
is near. Fear makes deserts of
our destinies.

Moisten your lips with olive oil.
Take pains to live close to a well.
Follow the white porcelain of mist.
Push fear to the curb and the stories
that wet its plots.

Danger in the details of a
negative narrative
dry the soul to a brittle cloth
bereft of blessings.
Seek still waters and


© 2017 Words Dry Out Dennis Patrick Slattery
© 2017 Dennis Patrick Slattery All Rights Retained


Music prints the air in sheets

enough to cover the path

she walks on.

Notes on her soles and

lyric lines limm her thoughts.

Between the aches of

an uncertain hour

and the long chords of lament

Behind glass melodies

without the rhythm

of lonely parts

She plays she plays

she plays.

© 2017 Melody Dennis Patrick Slattery
© 2017 Dennis Patrick Slattery All Rights Retained


           Dennis Patrick Slattery Ph.D. is core faculty, Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California.  He has been teaching literature and mythology for over 40 years.  He is the author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of 24 books, including six volumes of poetry; he has published over 200 articles and reviews on literature, psychology, mythology, as well as popular essays on surprises in the world.

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