Saturday, May 6, 2017

WHEN THE FIFTH IS WITH US #mythopoetry #slapdashsat #ThingsJesusNeverSaid #amwriting

May The Fifth Be With You


      "May The Fifth Be With You," my friends on facebook repeatedly exclaimed yesterday.  Well last night the spirit of the fifth was with me!

Last night, Cinco De Mayo, May the 5th was filled with a night of dreaming.  I decided earlier in the day a “staycation” was in order, a staycation of another sort.  My sweetie and I stayed home and created our own celebration which included a fifth of another sort as well—tequila instead of whiskey (naturally!)

I made beef chimichunga, pico de gallo, mango salsa, refried black beans all from scratch, got out the Mexican placemats, tabletop sombreros, Our Lady of Guadeloupe candle stick and a set of authentic maracas.  Then my sweetie and I got the bright idea to share our fare with the BFF couple who live across the street.  Gathering up a share of the feast and a pitcher of my sweetie’s marvelous margaritas we had one of those unplanned perfect evenings.

This morning I awakened from a dream.  In it I was roller skating through Texas.

The dream me was tired and looking for her hotel among the many shops and restaurants about her.  She stopped into a neat restaurant to ask directions.  They didn’t turn her away but they did have a strict dress code and wanted to seat her in the fast food, casual dining area as opposed to the fine dining section.  This is when she looked down towards her wheeled feet and noticed she was missing the right pant leg of her jeans.  She also realized the folks at the restaurant misinterpreted why she walked through the door! 

Here’s where I awakened feeling the mood of things.

I tried to work with this dream today without success until I got the bright idea to work not from my own image associations for the dream but hers.  Let me call her Texas Roller Girl.  This means she is now a personified notion.

Texas Roller Girl has a missing right pant leg.  She could never keep her pant legs rolled, she can only keep the left pant leg rolled.  She has a mortal side, her left side and an immortal side, her right side, the one already missing its fabric.  Yet, Texas Roller Girl stays rolled or “rolling” by the nature of her soles, a polutropic dream pun, perhaps, for “soul” and maybe too, an image gerund-ing to presence “a wing-ing” movement in the dream figures that moves us, first, beyond our own perceptions of things to its perception of things and then through it again, moving (us) from object (the itness or psychic realness) to fabric or to fabricating (that gerund-ing notion again) what may be working the next room of the dream.  The fabric is the image telling its own story we experience as a dream. What seems like a strange fabrication makes no sense at first until seen through the eyes of the pilgrim roller girl passing through it.

Now, let me turn to “the working in”, “the next room of the dream.”

Long before supper time yesterday I had just read about the ancient Greek sculptor Lysippus and his ideas regarding a certain figure in the Greek pantheon, Hercules Epitrapezius, Hercules of the Table.  For Lysippus, he is the guest who may knock at your door anytime, that guest for whom you must always reserve a seat at the table.
The sculptor goes so far as to say, “to this guest goes the seat at the head of your table.”

This is a figure that begs hospitality.  Moreover, this figure’s herculean effort over sees and rebalances the boundary between interiority’s and exteriority’s too rigid divide.  The outsider and the outed sides are suddenly showing up as part of a dream figures context. Under this theme of guest, host and pilgrim, interior figures and exterior figures can speak their peace freely to each other, be welcomed and be listened to, exteriors and interiors performing together  i.e. gerund-ing to presence like a pair of wings on a lyre, that is soles no longer soles are signaling a winged instrument at work, an ensoulment. 

Ensouled with wings, the spirit of the fifth reminds me of one of the epithets for Hermes, homogenie.  This is the idea in the word homogenized. Coming and going, Hermes Homogenie unites inside and outside and this is like a pair of wings on a lyre playing together. When the fifth is with us soul claps its hands and there is singing school.

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