Wednesday, June 21, 2017


WILD HUNTS and The Secret Instinct

In the full light of a theology of sin, the false self appears as not just logically incoherent  but morally dreadful…When the duplicitous subject turns away from god in his duplicity he mocks and parodies god’s own good activity. –Blaise Pascal

it’s not that it’s a witch hunt
it’s that it’s a wild hunt

a furious host
the white house
in something

disembodied dees

secrecy falsifies—
simulacra is
no photo

no video
press briefings 
logically incoherent

the house

white with duplicity, "his
imaginary" press briefings
try to make “good”

knot this start again
it’s not “make great again”
it’s make “good” good again

stay with the wor(l)d you face
as it tries to make something
good grow down in your bones

empty your will—not “empty vessel”
the face of her wild long river
is working into broth underneath you 

D-meter vagina dentata eyes of blood
and wings of angels rage after the
white-housed man with the

falsifying eye
driving under
the influence

inside, the furious host
in the white housed
secrete dees

worms fall out
to make our
story come clean


the outside
furious hunt

seeking soiled linens
duplicitous parodies
gods borscht boys &

goodfellas; outsides pair and
dye dees showing in phainein form
the false nature of being creative

duplicitous gods
brown this June
with Demeter’s refusal

disembodied is our spirit
times, even the wild hunt is claim
to the disembodied in lives now loosed

upon the soul. But, the maiden underneath
makes “good”  materialize
apart from the materializing of things

so give yourself to this other kenotic life
and let it shape the talisman, an
immediate access to profound wisdom

broth in our bones

©2017  Wild Hunts & The Secret Instinct stephanie pope


see  Blaise Pascal, On Duplicity, Sin and The Fall: The Secret Instinctp. 120