Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DAILY POEM Creatures of a Day*

Sandover River, painting, 1989, Australia
Kngwarreye, Lily (Sandover). 1947-2004, The Artist Dreaming
"The vision of life from the point of view of life's dreaming soul, a fons vitae is carried by night. The (Greek) goddess, Night (Nyx) as kanephoroi, both weaver and web. Night as basket bearer (under cover of darkness) a light-bearer, has spun a web and caught in it, like insects, light and delivers to the artist's dream-time, the wisdom of the dream stretching out from the partly hidden past down into the far-reaching future. The light of eons past descends from the stars, the light-mist of the future rises from the muddied banks of the ephemeral Sandoval. These waters of life―light by extension,are released from the ephemeral river-bed in vapor and comingle in a coninunctio, stardust to stardust, no obstruction. Joseph Campbell depicted once in storytelling such a river with the head of the poet, Orpheus floating down it still singing. To which he also notes: we should all receive our poetic inspiration this easily."
  ~stephanie pope
caught in webs of light

light to air to earth, water
flowering stars, dust to dust

©2013 A Tanka To Creatures of a Day In Conspectu Mortis
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*Creatures of a Day, is a description from Greek culture of men as ephemeroi. The central ideation in the poetic image as metaphor focuses on transitory nature and highlights the loose hold holding life.

By the same token, in conspectu mortis footnotes another way of seeing and telling the story through this hold while keeping the same ending open or enjambed.