Friday, June 7, 2013

#ohj MICROPOETRY Subterranean Thunder

#ohj bottomland and desist

Where the bottomland flows
without borders an ars metric
will not desist for ladybug;
for ladybug
fodder lies in the mudder's
region re-imagining her and
in the spirit of the father
risen up in the fen at dusk
is the way water imagines matter.

Amid the night-darkened feathers of the
slum ember lives an ore-dialect where
dormio beats her soul like sound into gold

like waves played upon by hooves
like drummed sons chanted wordlessly, sono
and somnus, donar, thunor and tonos
cricket her ear dreamless where she dreams
the imagination of the material within, through

the materiality of a bottomland’s imaginal life.
An inner life’s depth is like a ladybug foddering
the belly of a nightbird with eggs ―foddering her
mudder region with the way the material word
imagines venerable old men might speak, the way

matter imagines ferried across the ars metric
without borders and in passage paid
an ore-dialect of uncountable depths.

©2013 Subterranean Thunder stephanie pope


Dormio means “to sleep”. Sono means noise, somnus means sleep or dream, both from a root, “son” and hence the word ‘sound’. The material imagination is as a wordless word sounding out the story the myth within tells. Thunor, donar and tonos reference thunder.