Thursday, June 6, 2013


stephaniepope ©2013

I missed out yesterday so today here is a poetic tale combining yesterday's words with today's words to create a short poem. The #ohj words are italicized in the poem so you know what they are. The story is a retelling of a Native American tale about friendship and remaining loyal to what one loves, one's vision quest moving between faith and unfaithfulness to go beyond the bounded horizons of temporal limitations to achieve the boon. The archetypal energy is like that of Aphrodite who sometimes asks you to be unfaithful to cultural ties to your people to remain more deeply faithful to the needs of life during times of tremendous upheaval and change.

Crazy Hawk & Ladybug

Crazy Hawk circling overhead
his kerkle of circling widely spread
a shadowy gyre's gyrating dread

swoops round and round
the landlady's head
where Ladybug yammers

in her bed
and in her heart
and in her stead

to fly so high
to love so deep
to sing what sings

in the hearted ladybug's
ladybird song

Crazy Hawk & Ladybug stephaniepope

A retelling of the Native American tale of Hawk & Ladybug.
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