Wednesday, June 11, 2014


For Ric Scow Williams

down in the belly of story
the goat's great escape is told
shaping with milk language
O-pressed & pocked lowingly
beast breast
blood to milk the flow
i know

a story of a goat who fed
divinity in a cave like this
till she was all gone
vanquished into skin like O
and then

of the entheagen she

this is how she escapes the story
gets outside the notions of divine absolute
formationseven more fleshed
returning dressed in skin like that

urban language, the language of
pop culture or dirty honey
when it comes to platonic love
calls the great escape goat at the gate
getting back in by another name
atomic up against the loss of something
platonic at work together
en to em body

love itself is a kind of magical thinking
how it all will reach out suddenly
grabbing you by your ass cadavera

2014 Love with a Twist stephaniepope


1. For the story of the SHE-goat that nurses Zeus see

2. Inspiration for the poem came first through a response poem by Ric Scow Williams after seeing the video-gone-viral story of the friendship formed between the goat and the donkey on Good Morning America.