Saturday, June 21, 2014


Poets have said the female principle was originally personified in darkness
and in light, in the depths of the water as well as in the heights of the sky.
( see footnote 2)


is like goulash in a bowl of hippokampoi
an abrasax stone where higher gods unplug

2014 Stone Soup stephaniepope
#ohj #mythopoetics #distich


1. Of Aarne-Thompson tale type 1548, "Stone Soup" is a rendering in cooperation among members of a community and those outside this community particularly during a time of scarcity.

2. "The Great Mother, the female principle, was originally personified both in darkness and in light in the depths of the water and in the heights of the sky." - Adrienne Rich   see Rev Matthew Fox & "Meister Eckhart : A Mystic Warrior of Our Times"

3. For more on the Abrasax, a word wielding the power of abracadabra  see