Thursday, October 30, 2014



“Such then is the condition of us mortals: to these and to like vicissitude of fortune are we born; so much so, that we cannot be sure of anything, no, not even that a person is dead…the soul of Aristeas was seen to fly out of his mouth, under the form of a raven.” Pliny The Elder, Ch 53, “Persons Who Have Come To Live Again”, pp. 210-11

Traversing sacred space
near the beginning
near the end
sepulcher empty

a battle and a throne―
in medial space soul wanders!
your raven spirit, Koronis
oracles unfaithful parentage.

In a nymph of healing forces
where water flows everlasting
life not drowned, still glows, for knowing love
and loving knowing give birth differently.

Given in birth differently, thy soul, raven
ash heap near the beginning, red and hairy
near the end, oh, spring up, spring up
sepulcher empty

©2014 Spring Up, Spring Up A Bastard Sun stephanie pope

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