Wednesday, October 15, 2014



something gentler & wilder than you
(and always faithful)
sits with ancestral soul underneath
in a dream where she shows her
convivial purse to the celebration
inside and outside
something to dis
plays itself and does...
will,,,has already, the content
like an opening of new wine
in blush, one/half sweet
one/half libation vessel,

and promising fulfillment
the woman in the dream 
like a secret in a sarcophagus
the soul of the place
is already risen in the purse
already a primary face
ascending where god vanishes
in the dream...the way
Theseus did in the myth.

woman in the dream 
alone with her favorite purse,
the old blue opening, opening
how dream images
don't exist yet show their force!

How the purse, a half-sweet vessel
dreaming of wine
deep down
causes inside and outside
never to exist apart.

©2014 THE PURSE stephanie pope