Friday, May 13, 2016

EMBODYING PRESENCE or What does it mean, "rise from the dead" ?


The secret a not-knot carries
is that it is what precisely

neither is nor is not—both and— 

an infinity is left behind— a coming
rises out of the black, a personal spark
having gotten into it.

Call the not-knot a blue bag
old woman carried (empty)
for effect, to leave infinity behind.

What is missing in it,  […].
Call these unspeakables your
creative core; call them abject

call their body what gives life
it's body, missing eros
added back.

So, add something back…a trace
return in a word adding
something to the scene—

let other’s feel it— you
absently present
after you’ve gone.

Chroma Soma xx stephanipope
monsters & bugs poetry series


1. What is real? Life is real. Life has happened.  You have happened.  In psychology, Jung gave us some advice about this. Read what he suggests.

2. Chroma,
from the Greek khroma, “color” + some from the Greek soma, meaning the body, or that word-forming element meaning “the body”; taken together they make up the word chromosome, so named because chromosomal structures contain a substance that stains readily with basic dyes.  An embodied presence colors the world real.

3.. Poetheme: kundalini's creative core, complexity, eukaryotics and woman the egg maker.

4..  All cells store DNA.  The difference between the two general types of cells, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is in how DNA is stored. Discover the difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells

5.  Just for fun construct a cell

6.  In the beginning, when the earth was not yet cooled but cooling, prokaryotic cells formed into life. But not only do we owe our lives to them,  they colored the earth blue!  Watch this really cool video to earn more about prokaryotic cells and the beginning of life on earth.