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No plus for her prince as he drew near
So high held that she couldn't hear
Temporize m'lady with beautiful hair
Rapunzel throw down your underwear

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1. The name, Rapunzel means rampion.

Rampion   A leafy plant in the same group as spinach and lettuce, rampion is an autogamous plant. If it is not fertilized with the help of insects, it can split a column within the plant to fertilize itself. The split column will "curl like braids or coils on a maiden's head, and this will bring the female stigmatic tissue into contact with the male pollen on the exterior surface of the column" (Thompson 1989).

2. What Rapunzel’s mother wanted was forbidden food. What Rapunzel wanted, so high up in a tower with no contact to the outside world was worldly experience; she wanted to fall like her mother into the world; what Rapunzel wanted was to become, become Rapunzel, become “fleshed”.

3.  Considering the archetypal angel, the angel of person, the pattern in this tale seems similar to the tale of Demeter & Persephone. Persephone distinguishes herself from her mother; her consciousness is not the grain goddess. Her pattern reflects a life which cannot be snuffed out. After her ordeal in Hades, she claims authority moving between two realms, a chthonic dimension within a human, earthy one, vegetal soul and animal spirit. Both.  And, significantly, such self-resonance is something else.  Suppose this is that to which the term “feminine principle” applies and that the nature of this principle is perhaps what Jung means when he uses the term, psychoid. See Mark Dotson’s Soul Spelunker . Suppose what happens within rampion soul in the story describes an event in the soul by the soul for its own sake.

4.  See Annotations For Rapunzel, Sur La Lune for foot note one and four.

Some scholars believe Maiden in the Tower stories have their roots in the story of Saint Barbara. Saint Barbara was locked in a tower by her father when she disobeys him and refuses marriage offers from eligible suitors. You can read more about Barbara on the following webpage:

5. For a modern Maiden in the Tower story see Richard Lance Williams, “Woman In The Tower”

The line “Rapunzel throw down your underwear” is an adaptation from a version of the story,  “Falling For Rapunzel” 

7.  Original Fractured Fairy Tale of Rapunzel