Thursday, January 15, 2015


Selu at Qualla Boundary, in NC (Eastern Band Cherokee)
photo credit: public sculpture, Waymark also, more views


original being is a pluck spirit
rubbed & ground to grit
no spirit land held in demesne

©2015 Held In Trust stephaniepope
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1. For land held in trust see wiki link above on the public lands at Qualla Boundary.
2. For notions of how to get around white mythology and mythic dominants see the blog post at Urocyon's Meanderings, "Selu", March 23, 2010 which provides at least three good sources on examining layers of appropriation when approaching cross cultural boundaries.
3. See Meloukhia's 'What Is 'splainin'? And Why should I Care?
4. See Peggy McIntosh "White Privelege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack". Furthermore, by extension,  how does focusing on racism as a primarily "black" issue mask the plight of indigenous peoples?
5. A little language, a little history, a little lifestyle.