Thursday, March 2, 2017

ARROWS GUEST BLOG...POETRY! "Wayfarer" by Dennis Patrick Slattery

The Wayfarer

“the idiom in you, the why—“ Jorie Graham

Sing your song in the idiom
          that distills you—
                   bang your drum in the idiom
that thrills you.

If you find a story that catches
          at the shards of your
                   worn plot
chew it up and in.
          Let its spangles carry you
                   until yesterday freezes over.

Sense the cycle of your quivering myth
                   dilating the mouth
          that utters and the ears
that shudder but still listen.

Your voice slyly hidden
                   your vowels arising unbidden
          describe the best parts of you.

©2017 Wayfarer, Dennis Patrick Slattery
    copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved