Sunday, March 5, 2017



Out of the forest
          Of a cramped necessity
I become only what I am:
          Being roiling toward Becoming

          A paradox of purposes
Propels me fore and aft.
          Life is continuous rhythm
Between home and wandering.

No one is not a wonder
          To behold
However one denies it.

Freedom bewilders
          Only when we begin.
I hold the love of you
          In sacred trust
And love myself in tandem.

          Only those are free
Who wander in delight
          Of the ordinary and
Originary without end.

Ask then: what shall I assent to?
          What shall I ascend to?
When you can cease fighting yourself
          You are already turned
In the right direction.

          Home: where the heart resides
And the hearth warms us
          From within.

“Yes” and “No” are polar ice caps
          We trudge between for a lifetime.
The goal of course is
          Within the frozen part of our heart.

          Do not cease the experiment
In the few years we are given.
          To be homeward bound is
Freely chosen, freely gifted.

          Go now, move to the next station.

©2017 Wandering Dennis Patrick Slattery
     copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


The background image for today's poetry meme is  from a Google Art Project faithful reproduction of Albert Pinkham Ryder's  oil on canvas title "Homeward Bound" circa 1893-94.  Both the painting and the faithful reproduction are in public domain.