Thursday, March 30, 2017

GUEST BLOG...POETRY! "Deep Enough" by Dennis Patrick Slattery


These words-their aspect was obscure--I read/ inscribed above a gateway, and I said:“Master, their meaning is difficult for me.”   Inferno III. 

Is my reading deep enough?

Can I attend to the pilgrim’s

sinister descent where stench

assaults the eyes and the shades

crisp in scabbed skin

rend the ears into scratched awakenings?

What form might Virgil,

virgin of the underworld assume

his dark shape and clothed

poetic pose wrapping arms

around his naïve charge

pushes him along

through loiter-free zones

echoing moans of remorse.

The naked truth groans in a chorus

of demented laments.

No birds fly through sticky air.

Mistakes in life cling with miniature

fury to everlasting nows

pock marks in eternity.

A river to their left courses

hot bubbles of blood;

shades breach to the surface

chunks of meat in a stew that

knows its own end:




©2017 Deep Enough Dennis Patrick Slattery
 All Rights Reserved