Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GUEST BLOG...POETRY! "Branching Out" by Dennis Patrick Slattery


Early Saturday morning trimming back
small trees from the wooden fence
out front along the property line.
No breeze, thick Texas August air
as I settle into the swagger of sweat.

Something releases in me when
I saw the branches from around the
slats of wood; they fall startled
to my feet. The air is moist with
cutting back, opening the slats of
the long fence to the open air,
free of the pressure of wood.

Some renewal fidgets in me.
The pile of severed branches grows
around my walking boots. It is joy
I have not felt in a life too cluttered
with projects that choke the wood
of my own boundaries.
Joy sighs among the trees.

My wife drives up and parks in the garage.
She walks out to see my slim trees breathing
fresh air unfettered.
I, light now, feel her warmth in
the sun-streaked air
and the trees, so uncluttered now
begin to grow new branches around us
and another story finds a small space
to take root with no fenced limits

to frame its surrender.

©2017 Branching Out Dennis Patrick Slattery
copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved