Friday, March 10, 2017

GUEST BLOG...POETRY! "Sutures" by Dennis Patrick Slattery

 Here is the skin of days in the one hand of god. -Jori Graham

when in the catacombs
do you find the shards
where cracks reign
beating along on bare feet
through the ancient patterns?
those you know:
where people open
where myth changes shape
when she finds everything closed.

even the ground shows cracks
made by swelling waves.
out into the open
just consider the gap between us.
ground swells of loneliness
that resist mending

forgive—one painful stitch at a time.
keep the finger out. use it as
your needle leaving a trail of cat gut
 a thin long transparent line of hurts.

©2017 Sutures Dennis Patrick Slattery
copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved