Sunday, March 12, 2017

GUEST BLOG... POETRY! "Only Breath" by Dennis Patrick Slattery

Sickle Moon background photo by NASA, image in public domain, an overlay
is applied to achieve the glow on the poetic lines from the poem, Only Breath


There is a way between voice and presence

where information flows.

In disciplined silence it opens;

With wandering talk it closes.

Breath without words to fill it

invites riches from others’ ears.

Gaze without vision or image.

Filling it up is clear seeing.

Taste without food stocks appetite

for the night journey.

Touch without skin warms the sickled moon

aglow in the speckled night sky.

Life without light gains a darkness

that fills in the traumas tomorrow

will bring.

So for today—let go

the outbreath and all that clings

to its vibrant flow.

©2017 Only Breath  Dennis Patrick Slattery
copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved