Saturday, March 4, 2017

GUEST BLOG ...POETRY! Even Hell Has Its Anecdotes by Dennis Patrick Slattery


Even Hell has its anecdotes
infernal verse in Dante’s
corkscrew descent.
In confusion he
hears the howling laments.
Muddied, excremental
now trapped in place
the shades of sorrow
suffer the entire race.

Charged by the chaos
of self-absorbed love
of souls too small to see another
the pilgrim emerges at the base
of the mountain to climb to the
Sacred Mother.

“Master, what are they saying?
I hear only garbled words.”
Virgil glances back
At the pilgrim’s fraught nerves.
“These souls,” he claims,
“thought God was not within
but only a replica of her or him.”
Gracious in fields of spites and fits
the pilgrim’s mentor coaxes
The poet on.
“Remember when you return to life
use words that retrieve their lexicon.

Only memory will guide you then
between the now of blood
and the fate of the shades’
woeful den.”

©2017 Even Hell Has Its Anecdotes, Dennis Patrick Slattery
copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


Gustave Dore, "Cocytus", 1857, Image in public domain. The use of the image in the meme illustration in no way implies  artist endorsement.